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In my opinion Mr. Henry C. Paine Jr. (who goes by Hank) and Mr. Waddill who are defense attorneys in Denton, Texas provided me with abhorrent and incompetent customer service. They were extremely rude and uncommunicative. When I asked questions they would stare at their feet; avoid eye contact; blurt out mocking sarcasm; and they were especially adept at utilizing evasiveness and obfuscation to divert my attention from very meaningful matters. When serious matters needed attending to they complained to me that they did not know what was going on. Their inaction and belligerence caused so many problems that I had to fire them and hire another attorney to actually file motions to get my case effectively dismissed.

In my experiences these two morbid obese slouches are extremely bigoted

and extremely unprofessional: they lied to my face several times; they

refused to answer questions in a professional manner; and they did not

do any professional work at all. Their inaction and boorish behaviors

were extremely offensive and I believe that I wasted thousands of

dollars on these morbid obese, churlish, obtuse, conniving, and indolent slouches. I believe they are not to be trusted with your problems, your time, your money, or your life. From what I observed I believe they are extremely boorish and pernicious to a fair and equal due process. What was even more offensive is that they attempt to collect negative information

about you and then they insinuate and imply negative insults about you

to the police and to the distract attorney. These two attorneys are very

hypocritical, untrustworthy, and lugubrious. Also, I was offended by

their morose innuendo and insinuations. Those were my insidious

experiences with them.

Furthermore, as a minority I believe that I experienced discrimination

with Henry C. Paine Jr. and Mr. Waddill: that is another reason why I

had to fire them. They took thousands of my dollars and did nothing but

try to offend and provoke me. That is considered a bait and switch

method. Their venal and boorish behaviors will not be tolerated or


Additionally, we all have the right to fair due process (5th amendment). We

are also all equal under the law (14th amendment). It is imperative to

discuss with your defense attorney to prepare a packet in your defense

to prevent an inappropriate indictment; and to file motions to dismiss,

quash, or suppress. If you believe your defense attorney is not

cooperative and is hostile to you please report them online, to local

media sources, to journalists, to investigative reporters, and to civil

rights attorneys.

Lastly, find trustworthy attorneys to help you out. In my opinion Mr. Paine and Mr. Waddill are unworthy, unsophisticated, untrustworthy, and unethical. They practice law in Denton, Texas on 101 S Woodrow Ln. Phone: 940-382-4200. http://www.mpwlawfirm.com/Attorneys/

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